What services do we deliver?

We provide solutions to all manpower intense industries with specialization in construction, aviation, logistics, hospitality and professional staffing. Our services enable your business to overcome the challenges of workforce management within the UAE.

Do we manage the recruitment?

From initial engagement through to deployment, we shall identify the key milestones and agree schedules of delivery to ensure your workforce is deployed in line with your requirements. We shall manage the full recruitment, deployment, HR and payroll process throughout the duration of the project alongside a dedicated contract management team.

Are our staffs certified?

We serve the industry by providing a full range of highly trained and competent personnel, including front of house staff, cleaners, housekeepers and food and beverage. Every person we hire undergoes extensive background checks and has up-to-date records. We also invest in their professional development by providing training and basic courses covering topics such as personal grooming and communication to ensure that they are well prepared to fit in and work like part of your own team.

Are our staffs all insured?

All our employees are provided with Workers’ Compensation insurance premiums, Health insurance. You could be also covered by insurance through collective agreements, which means that you are fully insured to diminish the risk.

Do we support Emiratization?

We are approved & accredited company to support the national Emiratization program. We have a pool of talented Emirati candidates to fulfil the initiative by the government of the United Arab Emirates to employ its citizens in a meaningful and efficient manner in the public and private sectors

Can we help you in an emergency?

With our large pool of highly trained staff, we have the capacity and ability to respond and mobilize quickly for your needs even on the shortest notice.